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Accounting & Compliance/Tax Services

Accounting and compliance services are comprised of the core accounting functions in order to provide insight into the success of your organization, comply with tax or financial statement filing requirements, or banking requirements and requests.  As part of the Connected Strategy maintenance packages, Daniel Crick, CPA, PLLC offers these services using a flat fee approach to avoid any unexpected bills.  Below is a brief menu of some of these services. Additional services are available based on your specific needs.


Bookkeeping primarily consists of data entry in order to track your financial well-being and provide a basis to prepare financial statements.   Daniel Crick, CPA, PLLC provides bookkeeping services, including QuickBooks entry or clean-up, bank reconciliations, and reporting.

Financial Statement Preparation, Compilation, or Review

Financial statement preparation services are provided in order for you to see your financial positions or provide that information to others.  Refer to the following linked document for a full description of the various levels of financial statement services.  Financial Statement Services document

Payroll Processing

Payroll processing services are available in order to issue payments to your employees, submit payroll taxes, file payroll tax returns, issue year-end statements, and record the transactions in the financial statements. 

Business Taxes

Tax planning and business income tax preparation and filing is available for all business entities. In addition to federal and state business tax returns, we offer sales tax filing, 1099 issuance, tangible property tax filing, and more.  

Personal Taxes and Financial Stataments

Income tax return preparation and filing is available for federal and state returns for individuals.  E-Filing is available where permitted.  In addition, preparation of personal financial statements is available.  These are generally required by banks for personal loans.

Additional Services

The above services are examples of the typical accounting and compliance services offered by Daniel Crick, CPA, PLLC.  In addition, other services are available based on your specific needs and requirements.  Contact us to discuss your needs. 

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