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Consulting Services

Consulting - The road ahead

Our Connected Strategy offering includes a consulting component that encompasses the following topics:

  • Entity structure planning

  • Corporation/LLC income strategies

  • Cash flow planning using your corporation/LLC

  • Business operations and documentation

  • Company fringe benefits

  • Independent contractor/employee analysis

  • Rental property operations

  • Succession planning

  • Accounting software configurations

  • Internal controls

  • Additional areas specific to your needs

We also offer additional consulting services separately.  If you are a small business and would like feedback on improving your processes and controls to achieve your business objectives, we will provide a unique, custom service to understand your objectives, identify your current processes and potential gaps, and provide recommendations related to our findings.  These consulting services can be expanded in other areas and include an evaluation of your current practices against regulatory requirements, established standards, your own policies, and others.  Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.  

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